Mederi Eyeshadows will be your eyes best friends. Made from 75% organic ingredients and infused with conditioning organics, Mederi Eyeshados are free from artificial colors, preservatives & fragrance making it ideal for sensitive eyes. These highly pigmented shadows are easy to apply with a velvety-smooth with acreaseless finish. Blend it, layer it and wear it either wet or dry.


The point of eyeshadow is to highlight your eyes. Here are some tips for choosing!

Brown/Dark Brown Eyes: Every color will make your eyes pop. Neutrals will highlight, while brighter colors like Smoked Plum and Camo will add a touch of color.

Green/Hazel Eyes: Pinks and purple tones are going to look best on you. Smoked Plum will bring out the gold hues in your eyes and contrast nicely against the green.

Blue Eyes: Your eyes have are natuarlly vibrant, so they don’t need much help. Shadows with orange undertones will make blue eyes pop in all the right ways.

Gray Eyes: Smoky shades look best on you, enhancing your eyes even more than they naturally are. Colors like Sterling, Blue Velvet and Smoke + Diamonds will be favorites!


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